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Our mission is to empower and equip today's youth with tools to fulfill their God-Given mission. All of our educational, community service and mentoring programs all adapted to meet the current needs of our youths.


Volunteer Database
Coming Soon! Our database of volunteer opportunities is searchable by interest, location and age restriction. 


Lead service projects
Our team leads service projects locally and nationwide. Our goal is to not only engage as many youths as possible in each event but to guide participants to become actively involved in their community. Contact us to get involved as an ACTS VolunTEEN Ambassador or a member of our Teen Advisory Council!


Share community service-based resources
Find community-service related grants and scholarships through our website and social media feeds.




Mentoring is a relationship that provides young people with the guidance, support and encouragement that will make a positive and lasting difference in their lives. We are committed to encourage and empower our youth by providing a variety of community service opportunities, service learning and leadership training that will promote and enhance the quality of life for our participants, their communities and our world.

Teen Volunteers

We believe that our youth should make community service a way of life rather than something that is expected of them. The three most important ways children and teens learn to express their caring for others and evolve toward active citizenship is through:

  • Responsible actions

  • Leadership

  • Innovative thinking

Teens (grades 9th-12th)  can apply to be apart of our TeenAdvisory Board to assist with program planning such as developing, implementing and monitoring programs.  

Click here to request more information on becoming apart of our TEENAdvisory Board.

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Our organization is dedicated to helping underprivileged youth and people in crisis in the United States.  Are you in need?  Do you know someone who is?  Do you need additional volunteers? Tell us the story and get the ACTS community involved.  Submit a project, or cause  by clicking the button below.